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This neglected and nearly abandoned web page is a repository for my remarks on the remarkable things that I have found in the Bible. I tend to remark on those things that are not being marked elsewhere.

I think the Bible is an amazing book. I have approached the book both as a Christian and as an armchair academic loaded with skepticism. I have let go of many of my pieties regarding what the Bible should say or how it should say them. I am not interested in personal revelations.


I am interested in the intent of the author. The author, I believe, communicates meaning in ways for which most readers are unprepared. My jaundiced observation is that most people find in the Bible exactly what they are prepared to find. Many put and then find in scripture the harsh judgemental 'God of the old testament'. Others store a softer God in the same pages. Both extremes provide unassailable positions. Both have flipped the fleece both ways and been consoled at their findings. I have been battered by both, while proving myself to be persuasively impotent .

I occupy a non-fortified position. I am a foolish irrational to some, and an unfaithful skeptic to others. I limp across this unprotected space between the two citadels, hip out-of-socket. I marvel at the composition of the text, wrestle with its words, but then gnash when I consider the static filled channels on which it is transmitted.

So, I say a bunch here. Don't trust it! I am thoroughly persuaded by many things that are wrong. But I would be honored if you would consider them, offer correction, even an argument.

Scott Fairbanks

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